Miami Dade Red Snappers


Congratulations to the team and the manager Simon Walters.  Walters, before managing the Red Snappers, he managed the Roswell Invaders of the Pecos League for two years.  He won the Pecos League Championship in his second year with the Invaders.  In 2015, Walters was the first base coach of the  Schaumburg Boomers of the Frontier League before joining the Red Snappers for the Winter Season.


Name Roster Date Positions
Ambrose, Troy (18) 28-Oct-2015 2B
Berlanger, Joel (13) 16-Oct-2015 P
Bumbales, Cole (3) 16-Oct-2015 P
Candanora, Samuel (17) 28-Oct-2015 P
Cartega, Carlos 09-Nov-2015 SS, 3B, 2B
Diaz, Alejandro (19) 01-Nov-2015 SS
Fangler, Matt (11) 16-Oct-2015 P
Ferrand, Luis 09-Nov-2015 P
Frady, Gary (21) 28-Oct-2015 LF
Gonzalez, Adrian (16) 16-Oct-2015 SS
Jones, Patrick (20) 28-Oct-2015 LF
Lorenzo, Frank (4) 24-Oct-2015 P
Marticorna, Javier (12) 16-Oct-2015 P
Mcinnes, Taylor (8) 16-Oct-2015 P
Pagano, Alex (2) 16-Oct-2015 P
Pousa, Alex (23) 31-Oct-2015 P
Reveron, Julio (29) 13-Nov-2015 SS
Rincon, Diego (10) 16-Oct-2015 P
Roberts, Chris (24) 01-Nov-2015 P
Rodriguez, Carlos (22) 09-Nov-2015 SS
Soto, Darrel (7) 24-Oct-2015 2B
Sydnor, Nick (1) 16-Oct-2015 P
Ursetti, Joe (15) 28-Oct-2015 P
Walters, Simon 16-Oct-2015 P
Webb, Jason (5) 16-Oct-2015 P
Weiss, David (9) 16-Oct-2015 P