Collier County Loggerheads




Name Roster Date Positions
Archbold, Amaury (7) 16-Oct-2015 P
Bennett, Dequan 09-Nov-2015 P
Cockfield, Jacob (22) 16-Oct-2015 3B, 1B
Fernandez, Miguel (21) 09-Nov-2015 P, 2B
Flaquer, Emil (20) 16-Oct-2015 P
Garcia, Yasmani (4) 16-Oct-2015 3B
Gourley, Craig 01-Nov-2015 P
Hance, Fabian (15) 13-Nov-2015 3B
Hernandez, Nick (3) 16-Oct-2015 P
Hood, Akeem (9) 16-Oct-2015 LF, CF, RF
King, Dwayne (11) 16-Oct-2015 LF, CF, RF
Kovanda, Pete (19) 13-Nov-2015 P
Mcewen, Cory (14) 09-Nov-2015 P, 1B
Oliveri, Daniel (5) 16-Oct-2015 LF, CF, RF
Ortegano, Andres (24) 16-Oct-2015 SS, 2B
Reyes, Amaury (13) 16-Oct-2015 LF, CF, RF
Rodriguez, Carlos (17) 09-Nov-2015 SS
Searls, Cory (12) 16-Oct-2015 P, LF
Tome, Vince (26) 16-Oct-2015 C
Urrutia, Ubaldo (8) 16-Oct-2015 C
Weiser, Eric (23) 16-Oct-2015 P
Westbrook, Brandon (1) 16-Oct-2015 2B, LF, CF, RF



Manager:  Al Reyes

Played 15 years in the Majors.  Started with Milwaukee and finished with Tampa Bay Rays

Rafael Alberto “Al” Reyes debuted in the Major Leagues on April 27, 1995 with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Al played for seven teams.  In addition, to the Brewers, Al played for the Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, and Tampa Bay Rays.  In 2006, he signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and became their closer.  In 2007 Al finished with 26 saves in 30 chances.  The Montreal Expos originally drafted Al in 1988.  This year Al is debuting with  the Collier County Loggerheads as the first franchise manager.